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Why choose MSA?

MSA is a group of people

If there is anything that is the most unique thing about MSA, it is the MSAers.

MSAers are a former researcher of the National Chemical Laboratory, a volunteer who has taught in remote areas for many years, a college triathlon record holder, a former CCTV host who devoted herself to education, a tennis coach of the Croatian youth national team, a market analyst who wants to train more scientists for his home country, an instrumentalist who has backpacked solo to over 30 countries, an artist who tried his hand at stand-up comedy...

We have graduated from Harvard University, Yale University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, University College London, National University of Singapore and other well-known universities at home and abroad. We have worked in well-known domestic public schools and international schools such as Renmin University High School, the Affiliated High School of Peking University, Tsinghua University High School, Shanghai Pinghe, and Beijing Wangfu. We are experienced educators from the traditional teacher education industry with more than ten years of teaching experience, as well as young teachers who are full of vitality and educational ideals.

Such a group of professional and pragmatic educators, full of sense of mission and enthusiasm for education, came here from all over the world, different schools and different industries, and embarked on a journey of continuous exploration of good education.

Paying Attention to Everyone's Growth

Similar to Moonshot's educational philosophy for learners, we believe that every partner working here has his/her own innate talent. It is the management principle of the MSA Organization Development Center to appoint and train people based on the organizational mission, business development needs and the inherent advantages of each partner.

We use Dell's "70-20-10 rule" to plan the personal and professional growth paths of our partners:

  • 70% of growth comes from work (Learn from Job) - give partners enough space, freedom and trial and error in daily work;
  • 20% of the growth comes from other partners in the organization (Learn from Others) - Through the personal coaching system, individuals are encouraged to continuously review and reflect;
  • 10% growth comes from books and learning plans (Learn from Books) —— We have established a set of educator training system covering Universal Backward Design (UbD), performance assessment, coaching and other directions.

Compensation and Benefits

Moonshot implements the concept of full compensation, which is mainly reflected in:

  • We provide a decent salary for each MSA partner. Currently, our fixed salary level is above the 50th percentile of the market, which can become the basis for partners to pursue a better life and self-growth at different life stages;
  • Together, we create a positive working environment and a sustainable lifestyle, and provide every partner with physical and mental health protection, such as tennis classes, yoga classes, Chinese classes (foreign partners), massage days, etc. for partners;
  • We work with our partners based on the original intention of mutual trust, and expect that the work and growth of our partners are derived from internal driving forces, rather than driven by tasks and quantitative indicators. We implement a flexible working system on working days, and provide each partner with an additional 5 days of Energy Day in addition to statutory holidays, teachers' winter and summer vacations, and agreed annual vacations;
  • We jointly build a learning organization that is fair, open, pursues excellence, and creates social value. The Organization Development Center will continue to design and update a professional career development learning system for the long-term career development of partners.

Current Open Positions

Please send your CV to

Subject Teacher

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


  • Prepare subject specific lessons with interactive and meaningful learning material, and positive learning environment for active participation of students.
  • Implement and deliver quality instruction to students and executing the instructional program by demanding higher order thinking activities from students in a progressive manner.
  • Designing the curriculum that challenges the learning ability of students and ensuring overall development of language.
  • Designing authentic and active lessons and apply performance assessments to ensure students’ education is at an internationally competitive level.
  • Preparing home assignments and test materials, evaluating the tests' results, and creating innovative methods of teaching as per the students' varying backgrounds, learning style, and grasping power.
  • Tutor students in content-specific knowledge and skills to heighten the trajectory of students’ academic and career success.


  • Collaborate with other teachers to form a community of smart, talented and interesting people who are passionate about education and readily willing to work in a professional, academic environment.
  • Optimizing the use of Internet and other interactive technology for strengthening and supporting instructional programs
  • Manage student behaviour to foster academic achievement, personal responsibility, intellect and individuality in all students.
  • Maintaining the students' progress reports, identifying areas of weakness in the student for their overall improvement in studying habits, behavioural issues, and organizational skills.
  • Filing and maintaining all forms of physical and computerized documents, records, and reports of the students for general and academic records.
  • Actively participating in all important departmental and parents' meetings as well as other school related activities.

Professional Qualifications


  • A Bachelor’s degree and ability to successfully pass a background clearance.
  • Minimum three years teaching experience as a lead teacher required.
  • Teaching license in TESOL or a documentation of passage of a state authorized subject test in the teaching area.



  • Subject matter postgraduate work (Master’s or Ph.D.) or a combination of subject matter undergraduate degree with a Master’s in Education
  • Strong communication skills in teaching ideas, texts, and concepts with precision and confidence.
  • Evidence based teaching practice, but open to new ideas and innovation in teaching.
  • Experience with ESL students is preferred.


  • High School: AP Economics Teacher, AP Psychology Teacher
  • Middle School: Visual Arts Teacher



  • 课程设计:基于探⽉科创中⼼的产品规划和课程体系,设计有趣、有料的科创课程内容,将科创热情最⼤化的⽤教育的形态表达清楚,并传递给其他⼈;
  • 课程授课:完成课程交付,能够引导、教授学习者,在融洽、有趣味的环境中很好的完成教学任务,带来良好学习体验;
  • 课程迭代:收集课程反馈,并基于真实世界的数据不断反思和改进课程设计,提升课程质量和可复⽤性。


  • 本科及以上学历(接受应届⽣),理⼯科专业背景,在校专业为电⼦通信、电⽓⼯程及其⾃动化、机械设计制造及其⾃动化、计算机科学与技术等⼯程学科,参加过科创类竞赛者加分;
  • 对科创抱有极⼤热情,机械制图达⼈加分,有Arduino搭建经验加分,有带孩⼦玩耍经验加分,有B站或⼩红书科创内容账号者加分;
  • 拥有教育梦想,认同探⽉的使命愿景价值观,有创业精神、责任感和⾏动⼒;
  • 学习能⼒强,能快速学习表现性评价及其他教育相关的知识,并将其应⽤到课程设计和课程实施中;
  • 喜欢和孩⼦交流,能够和不同年龄、不同性格孩⼦的交流,获得孩⼦们的信任,愿意和你⼀起学习;
  • 致⼒于投⾝教育事业,参与过教育项⽬,了解创新教育理念和⽅法的优先。

Recruitment FAQs

How to apply to join Moonshot Academy?

Send an email to

I am a current student who is interested in education, is there an internship opportunity?

We have internship opportunities open from time to time. Please pay attention to the official account "Moonshot Education" and official website to learn about our latest intern positions.

What is the interview process like?

Our interviews are generally divided into three rounds: the first interview with HR, the second interview with the subject group, and the final interview with the principal.

Will there be training for new-hires?

Every school year, we provide about one week of training for new teachers. During this period, new-hires will receive a comprehensive understanding of Moonshot's various aspects, such as its history, mission, values, teaching philosophy, teaching methods, evaluation methods, and working environment, so as to prepare for a successful working experience.