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Why choose MSA?

MSA is a group of people

If there is anything that is the most unique thing about MSA, it is the MSAers.

MSAers are a former researcher of the National Chemical Laboratory, a volunteer who has taught in remote areas for many years, a college triathlon record holder, a former CCTV host who devoted herself to education, a tennis coach of the Croatian youth national team, a market analyst who wants to train more scientists for his home country, an instrumentalist who has backpacked solo to over 30 countries, an artist who tried his hand at stand-up comedy...

We have graduated from Harvard University, Yale University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, University College London, National University of Singapore and other well-known universities at home and abroad. We have worked in well-known domestic public schools and international schools such as Renmin University High School, the Affiliated High School of Peking University, Tsinghua University High School, Shanghai Pinghe, and Beijing Wangfu. We are experienced educators from the traditional teacher education industry with more than ten years of teaching experience, as well as young teachers who are full of vitality and educational ideals.

Such a group of professional and pragmatic educators, full of sense of mission and enthusiasm for education, came here from all over the world, different schools and different industries, and embarked on a journey of continuous exploration of good education.

Paying Attention to Everyone's Growth

Similar to Moonshot's educational philosophy for learners, we believe that every partner working here has his/her own innate talent. It is the management principle of the MSA Organization Development Center to appoint and train people based on the organizational mission, business development needs and the inherent advantages of each partner.

We use Dell's "70-20-10 rule" to plan the personal and professional growth paths of our partners:

  • 70% of growth comes from work (Learn from Job) - give partners enough space, freedom and trial and error in daily work;
  • 20% of the growth comes from other partners in the organization (Learn from Others) - Through the personal coaching system, individuals are encouraged to continuously review and reflect;
  • 10% growth comes from books and learning plans (Learn from Books) —— We have established a set of educator training system covering Universal Backward Design (UbD), performance assessment, coaching and other directions.

Compensation and Benefits

Moonshot implements the concept of full compensation, which is mainly reflected in:

  • We provide a decent salary for each MSA partner. Currently, our fixed salary level is above the 50th percentile of the market, which can become the basis for partners to pursue a better life and self-growth at different life stages;
  • Together, we create a positive working environment and a sustainable lifestyle, and provide every partner with physical and mental health protection, such as tennis classes, yoga classes, Chinese classes (foreign partners), massage days, etc. for partners;
  • We work with our partners based on the original intention of mutual trust, and expect that the work and growth of our partners are derived from internal driving forces, rather than driven by tasks and quantitative indicators. We implement a flexible working system on working days, and provide each partner with an additional 5 days of Energy Day in addition to statutory holidays, teachers' winter and summer vacations, and agreed annual vacations;
  • We jointly build a learning organization that is fair, open, pursues excellence, and creates social value. The Organization Development Center will continue to design and update a professional career development learning system for the long-term career development of partners.

Current Open Positions

Please send your CV to

Integrated Service Officer


  • 负责协助制定综合服务部的制度政策、服务流程与指南,以及部门公告及邮件的撰写与发布;
  • 负责部门日常行政事务,包括但不限于会议纪要、收发函、通知传达、合同管理、款项往来等;
  • 负责校车供应商的筛选与更换工作,建立与更迭学校的车辆管理体系,起草和修订相关管理制度;
  • 负责校园活动支持的统筹协调,建立与中小学部、国际网球项目、市场招生部、人力资源部等部门的多方协作机制,确保对相关部门各类活动的高效支持;
  • 负责综合服务部交办的其他工作任务。


  • 本科及以上学历,英语可作为工作语言,具备3年以上行政管理经验,有国际学校工作经验优先;

  • 具备出色的书面表达能力,条理清晰,能高效处理各类文字工作;

  • 具备出色的沟通与合作能力、问题解决能力,能为部门内外部伙伴提供有力的协作支持;

  • 细致认真,责任心强,学习能力强,具有较强的服务意识。

High School Chinese Teacher (Part-time)

Subjects: Chinese

Job Description:

  • Perform teaching work, establish the subject curriculum system together with the subject group, and assist students in acquiring subject knowledge and building independent learning ability;
  • Link high-quality external resources of the subject, establish a subject resource library and extend learning scenarios to support students' development;
  • Construct a real, open and interactive classroom, and create a learning atmosphere that promotes students' active participation;
  • Design effective and measurable assessment criteria, and understand students' learning effects through process assessment;
  • Have a deep understanding of the growth and learning patterns of students at all stages of development, pay attention to the physical and mental health of students in the classroom environment, and create a safe, positive and effective learning environment.

Job Requirements

  • Have a solid knowledge of the subject;
  • Have a deep understanding of the discipline literacy of the subject and be able to use it flexibly; have in-depth research and practical experience in inquiry teaching methods;
  • Recognize the educational philosophy of Moonshot, and have ideals and enthusiasm for quality education;
  • Have experience in project-based learning courses or have tried flipped classroom teaching methods;
  • Work 3 days a week, including 5 class hours teaching and related team work;
  • Expected onboarding date: as from now until the end of the next semester.

Administration Affairs Officer


  • 负责探月科创中心的教务、教学管理、课程安排、教学服务等日常管理工作;

  • 负责探月科创中心学生盘点,核对、落实各班级的人数、名单及联系信息,并负责学生成绩、评语、考勤填写等;

  • 负责学员的节日、文体等各类主题活动的策划及组织实施;

  • 完成团队业务范围内的其他工作。


  • 拥有教育梦想,认同探月的使命愿景价值观,富于责任感和行动力;

  • 做事认真细心有条理,沟通表达能力好,极具耐心,有责任心;

  • 致力于投身教育事业,参与过多项教育项目,了解创新教育理念和方法的优先;

  • 善于思考,灵活机动,可以洞察客户的心理,有社群运营与线下教务经验的优先。


  • 工作时间:主要在开班时间(周末、节假日与寒暑假;部分周中的晚上18点-20点)工作,不开班时间灵活调休(调休时间主要在周中)

  • 本岗位为外包招聘,签订劳务协议。

Operation Intern


  • 与团队一起制定运营微信小助手的策略和方法;
  • 日常维护和客户服务感兴趣的家庭;
  • 参与市场策划和销售策略的制定;
  • 处理客户流程的相关行动,如签订合同,付款核实等内容
  • 参与寒假营的筹备和营期间的各项事务。


  • 勤奋好学,做事踏实,工作严谨;
  • 对教育行业感兴趣;
  • 实习时间即日起至2024年2月6日 ,每周至少2-3天,包含每周一和周四(其中1月23日-2月6日需工作日全天到岗)。

Research & Development Intern


  • 基于产品规划和课程体系,设计有趣、有料的课程内容;
  • 完成课程交付,确保实际使用的课程带来良好学习体验;
  • 能够引导、教授小学段学习者,在融洽、有趣味的环境中很好的完成教学任务;
  • 收集课程反馈,并基于真实世界的数据不断反思和改进课程设计。


  • 本科及以上学历(接受应届生),理工科专业背景,在校专业为电子工程、机械工程、航空航天工程、土木工程、自动化、计算机科学与技术等,经历系统专业知识训练加分;
  • 机械制图达人,能够配合高效完成设备教具设计经历加分,有Arduino搭建经验加分,有带孩子玩耍经验加分;
  • 认同探月的使命愿景价值观,对于素养教育有理想和热情;
  • 每周出勤不少于4天,实习时长不少于6个月;
  • 表现良好有转正机会。

Middle School Science Teachers' Assistant


  • Translation of documents from English to Chinese

  • Research and discovery of age-appropriate science resources

  • Assist in preparation of class materials such as copying, grading, and organizing paperwork.

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Proficiency in reading, writing and speaking both English and Chinese

  • Familiarity with basic science terminology in biology, earth science, physics and chemistry

  • Adaptable in many situations since the daily assigned work may change depending on teacher needs and deadlines

  • Work 3 days per week, last for at least 3 months

Middle School Music Department Intern


  • Assist music teachers to supervise and guide the teaching of students individually or in groups

  • Assist music teachers in the management and basic maintenance of school instruments

  • Assist music teachers to build the middle school chorus club (If you are majoring in vocal music).

  • Assist teachers in organizing performances and other activities

  • Other teaching related affairs

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Major in music performance, western wind instruments or vocal music

  • Have basic English speaking and writing skills, able to establish communication with foreign teachers.

  • Be practical and serious, positive and optimistic, and patient with work partners and students

  • Work 3 days per week, last for at least 3 months

Recruitment FAQs

How to apply to join Moonshot Academy?

Send an email to

I am a current student who is interested in education, is there an internship opportunity?

We have internship opportunities open from time to time. Please pay attention to the official account "Moonshot Education" and official website to learn about our latest intern positions.

What is the interview process like?

Our interviews are generally divided into three rounds: the first interview with HR, the second interview with the subject group, and the final interview with the principal.

Will there be training for new-hires?

Every school year, we provide about one week of training for new teachers. During this period, new-hires will receive a comprehensive understanding of Moonshot's various aspects, such as its history, mission, values, teaching philosophy, teaching methods, evaluation methods, and working environment, so as to prepare for a successful working experience.