Welcome to Moonshot Academy

Enrollment for the 2023-2024 academic year is ongoing,
We look forward to walking with you and starting your journey with Moonshot Academy!

Enrollment Target

Learners aged 6-18, without limitation to nationality or household registration.

Grades Open for Application

Primary School: Grade 1 to 5

Middle School: Grade 6 to 8

High School: Grade 9 to 11

Learner-to-Faculty Ratio

5 : 1

Application Timeline

Application Submissions: Opening February 2023

Application Deadline: The application channel will close when available seats of the corresponding grade are full


The tuition fees for the 2023-2024 academic year are as follows:

Primary School grades 1-5: 198,000 yuan/school year

Middle School grades 6-8: 218,000 yuan/school year

High School grades 9-12: 228,000 yuan/school year

Note: The tuition fee includes regular after-school activities and does not include meals, school bus fees, school uniform fees, and accommodation fees. Middle school and High school tuition fees include experiential learning programs on campus or in Beijing.

(Published: January 10, 2023)

International Tennis Academy Training Fee

Different training fees are charged according to different combinations of tennis training and physical training for each learner.

Application Process

Step 1: Submit Application

Please click the "Application" button on the page and then login to the application page.

The admissions officer will contact you as soon as possible after receiving the application form.

Step 2: Pay Application Fee

Once the application form is approved, the admissions officer will contact you and inform you of the application fee payment process.

Step 3: Academic Assessment and Interview

Academic assessment includes English speaking, English reading, English writing and mathematics.

Interview includes learner interview and parent interview.

Step 4: Get the Result

Typically, the application process is completed within four weeks.

Who we are looking for?

Solid academic foundation and self-discipline

We hope that you will not only develop solid academic skills, but also practice your problem-solving skills and even take time to think about your place as a global citizen. The former graduates have received offers from their dream schools, and are now fulfilling their dreams. In Moonshot Academy, the purpose of studying is not for exams, you will have more room for self-growth, but also, you need to have stronger self-discipline, helping you gain confidence in the process of approaching your goals, and finally reach the realm of freedom.

An explorer who dares to challenge himself/herself

We want you to be an explorer who is not afraid of challenges. As the grades progress, the courses and projects will jump to a more complex and difficult state. Pushing yourself and having the courage to step outside your comfort zone are the keys to growth. We stand ready to provide you with more challenging courses and projects as you explore your personal learning boundaries, and we look forward to you becoming an explorer who is willing to challenge yourself- finding a sense of value and meaning in the process.

A warm community builder and doer

This is a growing community built by learners, parents, and educators. Coming here you will find yourself transitionibng from a person who feels the warmth given from a community to a person who contributes proitively to warm community. We want you to have an independent perspective about yourself and your surroundings and a heart to make your community better.

A family that supports the learner's independence

Family support is especially critical to a learner's development. We expect parents to respect and trust learners’ ideas about themselves and the world, encourage them to actively explore new things and self boundaries, and express their own views and judgments.

Transportation and Accommodation

School Bus:

To help lerners in their commute we have seven school bus routes based on residential addresses of learners' families, covering Chaoyang, Haidian, Changping and other districts. Every year, we will comprehensively adjust the school bus route according to the transportation needs of the students.

Public Transit:

Our campus is located in the National Tennis Center, No. 2 Lincui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Lincuiqiao Station of Metro Line 8 is nearby as are bus stops for numbers 379, 81 and others. The school is 300 meters away from North Fifth Ring Road making transportation very convenient.


We provide accommodation options for learners in grade 9 and above, and have a professional accommodation management team and security logistics team to ensure the safety of learners' dormitory.

Each dormitory can meet the daily self-study and living needs of four learners, and is equipped with independent bathroom, air conditioning and floor heating. There are also study rooms, water dispensers, microwave ovens, washing machines and refrigerators in the common area of the dormitory.

Admission FAQs

Can the school provide student status?

Yes. MSA is a 12-year non-profit private school approved by the Chaoyang District Education Committee, which can apply for student status for learners who comply with the Chaoyang District Student Status Management Measures.

What accreditation does the school have?

MSA is a member school of CIS, the Council of International Schools, and has obtained the certification of Cognia, the world's largest school certification agency. The high school diploma issued by MSA has the same effect as the US high school diploma in overseas university applications.

What aspects of the students' abilities do the entrance examination and interview focus on?

We will comprehensively consider each learner's situation from the perspectives of academic ability, cognitive development level, family philosophy and compatibility with MSA. We invite learners who recognize the educational philosophy of MSA to join us.

What are the class sizes of each grade?

The standard class size of grades 1-5 is 24 students/class, with two homeroom teachers;

The standard class size of grades 6-8 is 16 students/class;

The standard class size of grades 9-12 is 18 students/class.

What are the admission results of graduates?

178 students have graduated from MSA in the past 5 years, and 55 graduates will enter their dream universities for further study in June this year.

They went to a bigger and farther world, including comprehensive universities and art colleges such as Emory University, Rice University, Washington University St. Louis, New York University, Columbia University (Trinity College dual degree program), UCLA, University of Minerva, Rhode Island School of Design, Berklee College of Music, in the USA; Imperial College London, University College London, University of Edinburgh, in the UK; University of Toronto, in Canada, Emlyon Business School, in France, University of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and University of Sydney, in Australia. Graduates also matriculated into top American liberal arts colleges such as St. John's College, Reed College, University of Richmond and Macalester College.

Who are the teachers at MSA?

The teachers are graduates from Harvard University, Yale University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Brown University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, University College London, National University of Singapore and other well-known universities at home and abroad. They have worked in well-known domestic public schools and international schools such as Renmin University High School, the Affiliated High School of Peking University, Tsinghua University High School, Shanghai Pinghe, and Beijing Wangfu. We have experienced teachers from the traditional teacher education industry with more than ten years of teaching experience, as well as young teachers who are full of vitality and full of educational ideals.

How do you carry out home-school communication?

Daily communication: Parents can make an appointment with the teacher at any time by email, or contact the principal of the primary school or secondary school directly by email;

Emergencies: Primary school parents can call the class teacher of each class on the landline.

Regular communication: Parent meetings are held twice a year, and curriculum night courses are held once a year. Parents can learn about learners' grades and course content, and communicate with teachers in a targeted manner.

High school adopts a course selection system, how do I ensure that learners choose the courses that suit them?

New students entering in the fall will rehearse how to choose courses in advance under the leadership of the senior group when they participate in Orientation Week (Oweek) every year. Students entering in the spring will be guided by personal coaches and grade leaders in course selection.

The school will also provide the following resources/opportunities to support learners in better course selection:

  • A detailed course selection guidance document;
  • A detailed introduction to graduation requirements in the student handbook;
  • The leader of the school year will complete one-on-one course selection guidance with each learner, and finally review and confirm the learner's course selection plan;
  • Advice from parents;
  • Suggestions from senior learners;

After the start of the semester, learners will have a trial period. The first two weeks of the semester is the course experience week. During this period, learners can add or drop courses after trying, and it will not be recorded on the transcript.

How to contact the Admissions Office?

Tel: (010) 84370668

Or add us on WeChat: Moonshot_Service