General Information

Welcome to the Moonshot Academy. We look forward to accompanying you in the next three or four years.Look forward to your Moonshot trip!

Applicants of Enrollment

Open for 14 to 16 middle school students, totally 40 new students enrolled in fall semester 2022

Applicants of Enrollment

  • G9 in Fall semester
  • G10 in Fall semester
  • G11 in Fall semester

Enrollment semester

Fall semester begin on August 2022

School Period

Three or four-years middle-high school education

Teacher/Student Ratio

Less than 1:6

Student Profile

What kinds of learners we are looking for?

Learners persistent on "finding themselves"

In Moonshot Academy, you will come to realize that your learning experiences and growth are all about your life and what you need. We hope you can continue to pursue what you love and find your value. When you come to Moonshot Academy like this, you will find that all the people and things around you, as well as our space, will become your resources and stage. We are all here to help you realize your dreams. Moonshot Academy is not a place that pushes you to follow a certain established growth path or established test plan to achieve your ideal results. Only when you really want to come to Moonshot Academy and know where we can support you will your Moonshot journey be truly valuable to you.

Community co-builders and actors

Moonshot Academy is not a place where you can sit back and enjoy achievements with abundant educational resources. It is a community that continuously grows while being co-built by all learners, parents, and guardians. We do not want you to be an egocentric elitist with the mentality of competing for high-quality educational resources. On the contrary, your ideas about an ideal community and education are constantly building this place where we always call it home. We hope such an environment can allow you, the people around you, and even future MSAers to benefit together.

Kind and enthusiastic collaborators

We hope you are a kind, enthusiastic collaborator who cares about others. In the face of many challenges that our world struggles with, unity and cooperation can truly solve some problems. It is the same as studying at Moonshot Academy. In your learning experiences, you will not only solve problems by yourself but work with your partners in a spirit of cooperation to make the surroundings better and engage with issues and concerns of the underprivileged.

Solid academic foundation and determination to self-discipline

Many people have a misunderstanding that Moonshot Academy is a "play" school. In fact, the academic rigor is not compromised at all. You should not only develop a solid academic foundation but also exercise your problem-solving skills in projects and even spend time thinking about your connection with the world. The 2021 graduates of Moonshot Academy have received offers from their dream schools and are now realizing their academic goals. In Moonshot, the purpose of studying is not to excel at the exams. You will be given more opportunities for growth than your peers. Meanwhile, you need to have a strong sense of self-discipline and determination to help you in the process of approaching your goals confidently.

Application Open

Application Starts

May 2022, it has been started

Offer Release

According to the application time, the admission results shall be distributed in a rolling manner every month

Admission Close

The end of July 2022 (the application channel will be closed after the enrollment degree is full)

Application Process

Step 1 Fill in the Application Form

The application starts for 2022-2023. You can click "Apply " on the top left of the page 
Deadline: it can be filled in before the end of recruitment
It is suggested that each family should reserve half a day to fill in the application form carefully

Step 2 Online Tests

After the application form is approved, the application fee shall be paid on the official website, and the academic test shall be completed through the online test system within the specified time.

Grade 9 will complete math and English tests
Grade 10 / 11 will complete math, English and comprehensive tests

Required Time: the math exam involves invigilation, which is held twice a week. Other exams can be complete online at any time.

Step 3 Interview

After passing the academic tests, applicants will enter the interview process

Learners and parents are both required to attend the interview, it will be taken half of a day

Holding time: at the end of each month 

Step 4 Get the results

Usually, the whole application process will be completed in about 4 weeks.