Community Life

Moonshot Community

Warm, free, close, and just right

"The Moonshot community life connects learners, mentors, and families. Here, you know everyone and are well known by everyone. Co-building is the core of the Moonshot community, and changes will happen to you if you live in an environment like this. In the warm, free, and close Moonshot community, you will know lifelong friends with common ideals, hobbies, and different personalities."

Our Campus

Teaching Area

Moonshot Academy has 6,000 square meters as a teaching area with 42 classrooms. In addition to thematic project classrooms and subject classrooms, there are physics labs, chemistry/biology labs, art studios, a small theater, and a makerspace. Learners will complete their coursework, implement projects and hold various community events in the teaching area.


The canteen is not only a place for students and faculty to have lunch or dinner together, but also an important open space for activities. Meals will be served in buffet.

Athletic Facility

Moonshot Academy is equipped with a gym and an outdoor sports field. Learners will participate in indoor sports classes such as strength, cardio, and yoga in the gym; the outdoor sports field will host sports like basketball, volleyball, and floorball while Moonshot Academy reserves the resources of surrounding sports venues to accommodate sports events like Frisbee, soccer, and badminton.


Each dormitory can meet the daily study and living needs of four learners and is equipped with an independent bathroom, air conditioning and floor heating system. A study room, water dispenser, microwave oven, washing machine and refrigerator are installed in the public area of the dormitory.

Traditional Activity

Each year, Moonshot Academy will host a number of traditional school activities that serve to build the culture of the Moonshot community. In addition to all Moonshot faculty, staff and learners, parents are also invited to participate in these activities. These traditional school activities are hosted by the school league branch, organized or co-organized by other departments of Moonshot Academy.

Orientation Week

Before the start of the new school year, freshmen will develop relationships with classmates and establish the belonging of the Moonshot community through an immersive camp experience that lasts for 5-6 days, and quickly master the necessary skills and methods for learning and living in Moonshot Academy.

Opening Ceremony

On the first day of the school year, an opening ceremony is held for all learners, faculty, staff and parents. Everyone would think about the life, growth and accomplishment of a new school year and explore the 「real problems」 that all learners and faculty at Moonshot are committed to solving this school year. Also, some learners will be awarded because of their outstanding academic performance and contributions to the community culture.

Moonshot Frisbee Cup

At the beginning of each spring semester, the sports center will organize the Moonshot Frisbee Cup across the school. Six to eight teams consisting of faculty and learners of mixed grades will battle for the championship through nearly 30 rounds of games for 2 months. The frisbee is there, so is Moonshot.

Moonshot Summer and Winter Feast

On Dragon Boat Festival and Winter Solstice Festival, Moonshot parents will prepare a potluck party for the whole community. Every family will share the featured food from their hometown. All community members will gather together to enjoy the feast and to share and learn about regional traditions and culture.

End-of-Term Exhibition

At the end of each semester, each course will show the final works from learners to the whole community in multiple ways. The exhibition will also invite parents and members of the society to witness the growth of learners and give feedback. This is the busiest day in Moonshot Academy. Everyone is shining.

Moonshot Music Festival

This school-wide music festival is held by the Art Center of Moonshot. Talented learners and faculty in the Moonshot community will produce their original music works with the guidance of professional music coaches. They will manifest themselves through music on the stage.

Graduation Ceremony

At the end of each spring semester, a graduation ceremony for 12th-grade learners is celebrated. All faculty members, learners, and parents of graduating learners will participate to reflect on their growth at Moonshot and share commitments to the community. The community will give the best wishes for the future to the graduates.

MSA Family Coaching Day

Moonshot parents and family coaches initiated a platform where they would co-work to explore how to be parents with a coaching mindset. The goal is to benefit more families which aim to be 「fulfilled parents and active, compassionate families」.


Learning is not limited to the classroom. We support learners to create their own clubs to provide more opportunities to explore and develop their interests, as well as to practice leadership, problem-solving skills, and help learners realize the importance of teamwork and different roles through the experience of initiating, preparing, and running a club.

We expect all learners to participate in a club each semester. The first month of each semester is for the clubs to recruit, and learners will be able to reselect a club each semester. Moonshot Academy will provide support in terms of activity resources, venue and operation management.

Social Service

Social Service is a key component in our efforts for learners to apply what they have learned to real-world applications and to learn from the world. Learners will create a more holistic picture of the world, themselves, and how they might apply themselves as "fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens".

Social Service Hours

Each year, Moonshot Academy requires each learner to complete at least 30 hours of certified social service hours, which is one of the graduation requirements. At the same time, Moonshot Academy has established a special award for learners who actively participate in social service and produce outstanding results.

Social Service Program

Social service programs refer to actions or projects which are beneficial to people in need. There are two types of opportunities: inside Moonshot or outside Moonshot. As on-campus projects mainly include teaching assistants, volunteers for large school events or any Moonshot community volunteering projects on their own initiative; the external projects will cooperate with off-campus charity organizations to provide learners with opportunities to participate in volunteer services, and learners can also participate in off-campus charity activities on their own initiative.

Sports and Health

Each learner is free to choose PE classes based on his or her interests and strengths in order to achieve at least 4 learning sessions of physical activity per week. In addition to the regular exercise in class, learners must take three PE tests each semester. Grades of PE courses are based on classroom performance, assessments, and PE test scores.