About Us


Moonshot Academy (MSA) is an innovative education project based in China and oriented to the world, aims to cultivate 「fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens」.

MSA implements a competency-based education model, provides a learning experience that closely integrates with authentic scenarios. MSA respects and supports learners’ personalized development based on self-understanding and self- direction. MSA is a continuously evolving learning community that is jointly built by learners, parents, and educators.

MSA supports learners to actively contribute to the construction of community with shared future of mankind and global sustainable development.

School Value

Merciful to all beings

Being merciful is to accord your actions with your thoughts in subtle matters and to pick up a piece of trash instead of ignoring it when spotting it.

Being merciful is to offer actual help to people in need and to be sincerely grateful when offered help.

Being merciful is to have empathy towards all life forms in our world and to take greater responsibilities.

Seek for truth and knowledge

Always be curious about exploring the truths of the world in a very meticulous and romantic fashion.

Always adhere to down-to-earth and intrinsic values while proceeding with matters at hand.

Act with perseverance

Take action when hesitant and be insistent at the thought of giving up.

Only through insistent kindness and pursuit of truth can we cast actual and long-term impacts on our world.


School Affairs Committee

The School Affairs Committee is a body for faculty and staff to supervise, advise and make joint decisions on the daily management and operation of the Academy under the dean's responsibility system. The members of the School Affairs Committee are generally composed of business representatives from various departments of the Academy, and the number of people is generally less than ten, and more than 2/3 of the school councilors should come from the departments that directly provide the learners with teaching experience.

Advisory Committee

Mr. Zhu Yongxin

  • Vice Secretary and Member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People's Republic Political Consultative Conference
  • Vice President of China Association for Promoting Democracy
  • Advisor to the Academic Committee of the Council of the Chinese Society of Education
  • President of Tao Xingzhi Study Association of China

Mr. Yang Dongping

  • President of the 21st Century Education Research Institute
  • Member of National Education Consultation Committee
  • Member of the National Examination Steering Committee

Mr. Liu Jian

  • National Superintendent, Director of the Education and Culture Committee of the Jiu San Central Committee
  • President of China Education Innovation Research Institute of Beijing Normal University
  • Chief Expert of China Fundamental Education Quality Inspection Collaborative Innovation Center

Ms. Hua Ti

  • Board Member of the Hankey School of Hong Kong
  • Consultant to Center for Contemporary China at Princeton University
  • Asia Consultant of Middlebury College

Ms. Shen Zuyun

  • Expert consultant on school education strategy in China
  • Vice President of Ideal School Society
  • Vice President of Shanghai New Quality School Institute

Ms. Chin Hyeongmi

  • Guardian Ambassador of UNICEF
  • Chairman of Artmia Gallery
  • Founder of Artmia Foundation


Council of International Schools

Council of International Schools (CIS) is the world's highest accreditation organization for international education with an aim of promoting the development of quality international education on a global scale. CIS consortium members cover 530 schools in more than 100 countries and are considered one of the most rigorous and authoritative accreditations in the international education industry. The CIS vision is to inspire the development of global citizens through high-quality international education: connecting ideas, cultures, and educators from every corner of the world.

Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity

Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE) is a research center. Its foundation originates from Sandford University's value on performative assessment in K-16 (kindergarten to college).

SCALE aims to offer more meaningful and fair education to all students, especially to those who have been ignored. In order to realize this goal, SCALE has developed a performative assessment model and supported the implementation of this model in actual classrooms. SCALE has supported Summit High School, a famous school based in Silicon Valley, in designing its competency model and assessment system. It has also supported the pilot projects on performative assessment in Ohio.

China Education Innovation Institute

China Education Innovation Research Institute of Beijing Normal University is a secondary institute of Beijing Normal University. Its mission is to cumulate social public benefit capital to promote education innovation and improve youth development.

High Tech High School

High Tech High (HTH) is a charter school located in Santiago, California with elementary, junior and senior high programs. The education structure of HTH centers around 4 principles: individualized teaching, real connections with the world, thinking training, and teachers as designers. These principles determine the organization of HTH. It is small-scaled, open, individualized, comprehensive, and project-driven. Exhibition of students' works is an important tradition at school. HTH has a teacher certification program and an innovative graduate school.

Envision Learning Partners

Founded in 2010, Envision Learning Partners aims to promote Envision School to all kinds of schools in the country. In designing a performative assessment system where students and teachers could learn and develop together, Envision desires to establish a positive learning culture in every school and facilitate a fair education. Students could have the opportunity to choose their own futures. Envision is a key partner in High Tech High's assessment system. It has done the same for MSA and Mid Pacific Institute.

Mastery Transcript Consortium

Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC) is a coalition consisting of 278 American and global private and public high schools. Some of the renowned MTC members include Philips Academy, Phillips Exeter Academy, Choate Rosemary Hall, Singapore American School, Shanghai United International School and other distinguished schools. Joining with these high schools, MTC is proposing 「A New Model」—a brand-new transcript that digitalizes individual skills, strengths, and interests for high school students to apply for college and employment.

Such a transcript is named as 「mastery transcript」. 「Mastery transcript」 pivots from what's happening in the classroom to the learners' mastery in subject knowledge and general competencies (collaboration, communication, leadership, etc.).

Unlike the traditional GPA transcript, MTC demonstrates a student's skills and competencies in a diverse and digitally visual format (courses, project and internship) to universities and employers, instead of merely using a letter grade or a number to indicate a student's knowledge mastery.

B Corporations

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability through BIA (B Impact Assessment) tool. The B Corp community works toward reduced inequality, lower levels of poverty, a healthier environment, stronger communities, and the creation of more high quality jobs with dignity and purpose. By harnessing the power of business, B Corps use profits and growth as a means to a greater end: positive impact for their employees, communities, and the environment.