Moonshot Academy is a 12-year innovative school rooted in China and oriented to the world. It is dedicated to cultivating 「fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens.」

A Letter from the Founder

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"Civilization is in a race between education and catastrophe."

                                                         —— H.G. Wells

With the rapid development of civilization around the world, human beings are also facing a series of ever difficult civilization-threatening challenges; such as ecological collapse, climate change, pandemics of infectious diseases, weapons of mass destruction, abuse, and loss of control of artificial intelligence.

No single individual, organization or country has comprehensive and effective solutions to these challenges. One thing, however, is clear: the common destiny of mankind is determined by each individual's thoughts and actions, every moment. People in today's era have an obligation to choose to face and address these challenges.

It is based on the above background that Moonshot Academy (MSA) was founded. We hope that through the education of MSA, we can breed batch after batch of fire seeds that can support the continuation and prosperity of human civilization.

With a systems perspective in mind, to deal with the challenges that human civilization is facing, there are really only two perspectives - reducing new problems or solving existing problems.

Reducing New Problems:

Most problems faced by human civilization are caused by constantly seeking external resources, destroying the environment, and attacking each other in the process of satisfying one's own desires and eliminating one's own fears.

But if each of us can become a fulfilled individual, thereby reducing external demands and destruction, then the new problems in this world will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, we hope that the learners who leave MSA are "fulfilled individuals."


Solving Existing Problems:


Whether it is the restoration of the ecological environment, the regulation of climate change, the prevention or treatment of infectious diseases, or the regulation of AI and nuclear weapons, etc., they are all extremely complex and difficult challenges.


To deal with these civilization-threatening challenges we need each individual to actively mobilize their unique talents, have a big vision and develop a sense of cooperation to push themselves and others to solve problems with action.


Therefore, we hope that the learners who leave MSA will be "active, compassionate citizens."


My fellow partners, I look forward to our being able to move forward hand in hand under the same mission.


Founder of Moonshot Academy 

School Mission

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Fulfilled Individuals

  • To have a keen awareness of one's behaviors, cognitions, and attitude and to embrace them without judgment.
  • To be able to take advantage of one's setbacks and experiences as the opportunities to grow and possess the self-efficacy to embrace all the unknowns.
  • To persistently and deeply construct one's reason of being and treat every moment with openness.

Active, Compassionate Citizens

  • To have a systematic sense of all being one and empathy towards all beings.
  • To deeply understand t he progress and challenges of human beings and find where to address such challenges.
  • To promote groups of various backgrounds to solve problems based on strong coordination and organization skills.

The Competency Model

At a Glance


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178 students have graduated from MSA in the past 5 years, and 55 graduates will enter their dream universities for further study in June this year.

They went to a bigger and farther world, including comprehensive universities and art colleges such as Emory University, Rice University, Washington University St. Louis, New York University, Columbia University (Trinity College dual degree program), University of California, Berkeley, UCLA, University of Minerva, Rhode Island School of Design, Berklee College of Music, in the USA; Imperial College London, University College London, University of Edinburgh, in the UK; University of Toronto, in Canada, Emlyon Business School, in France, University of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and University of Sydney, in Australia. Graduates also matriculated into top American liberal arts colleges such as St. John's College, Reed College, University of Richmond and Macalester College.

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University of Illinoi at Urbana-Champaign|Computer Science& Electrical Engineering

"Moonshot Academy is a developing community, and the world is also a developing world that is constantly creating new things. The creation of all new things will be accompanied by the abandonment of some old things. I also hope you don't feel so sad, do not shed your tears here, look to the future with your eyes."

Ruoqing Wang

Rice University | Political Science& Economics

"Moonshot Academy is a unique existence, which requires the courage to be independent. It is not for being different or pursuing innovation. It is for persistent innovation to improve the current situation. On this parting occasion, I share this courage with more Moonshot members."


St.John's College| Liberal Studies

"To believe in yourself is not to believe that you can succeed, but to believe that you can become better even after failure. Failure is not a very terrible thing."


ESSEC Business School|Global BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

I'd like to share three keywords with you since I have studied in Moonshot Academy for three years:
"Accepting uncertainty"
"Refuse Blind Obedience"
"Learn to criticize"


Tulane University|Major Marketing& Minor American Studies

"At the Opening Ceremony three years ago, I wrote to myself that choosing Moonshot Academy is like a gamble. No one knows what the result will be, but what I have to do is to use all the resources of Moonshot, arm myself with knowledge and constantly add chips to myself. I think I was right three years ago. This heroic journey will leave a heavy mark in my life."


Human Academy Japanese Language School, Osaka|メディア表現学科-イメージ表現専攻

"I'd like to express my gratitude to the community, and some of the spirit and ideas that I want to pass on to Moonshot community.
First, I want to thank the community for the "warmth".
Second, I want to thank the community for the "opening".
Third, I want to thank the community for is the "accompany".


University of St. Andrews|Master in Mathematics (Honours) Pure Mathematics

"... after I repeatedly overthrow, rebuild, overthrow and rebuild in my heart, I think freedom is the most important culture of Moonshot Academy and the thing that needs to be inherited most. I wish you all find your shining points and carry forward them."


Reed College|Neuroscience& Philosophy

"Recently, many people have asked whether Moonshot Academy is not that "Moonshot"? How can Moonshot Academy be more"Moonshot"? It's like a tongue twister. I think this question is very simple. As long as there are people here and we are still asking this question, I think Moonshot Academy will always be Moonshot."

"The thing that makes Moonshot itself is everyone's sincere heart. Everyone here is an independent individual. They act in the way they think is right. This is also the courage we can give each other."


Brandeis University|Computer Science& International and Global Studies

"The first word of Moonshot Academy is" humanity "; the second word is" unity "; and the last word is" truth. "
"... I want to give everyone in Moonshot Academy a word: everyone is a member of this community. Gathering is a fire and scattering is full of stars."


University of the Arts London|Graphic and Media Design

"Listen to some advices, but don't be so anxious about not being able to do it, because you may have your own pace and you need to find it.

Everyone is special. Everyone has a personality, which is innate. Continue to maintain it and find a better self. You can't be completely normal. Your life can't be completely normal. It won't happen like this, so it's ok to be almost normal. "


University of Minerva | Humanities Arts and Business (Double Major)

"I listed Minerva as the only university I applied to
This is a new type of university launched by educational pioneers
A diverse university without walls
The freshmen come from more than 60 countries around the world
A university where students can study and live in seven different countries around the world
A place like Moonshot, full of unknowns and possibilities
I think I'm ready
To meet new friends, new life
Experience setbacks, tears, laughter, sorrow
Break through the boundaries of myself and experience my own life"


Hampshire College|Liberal Education

"No one from MSA ever asked me why I write. I just write, and as I write, so many ideas, gains, and so many meanings have filled my footprints.
I hope that when I am in college, I will continue with my four-year trip to Moonshot.
In the end, I still want to keep writing."