Moonshot Academy is an innovative education project based in China and oriented to the world, aims to cultivate 「fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens」.

Principle’s Letter

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Behind the rapid development of civilization, humanity is currently facing the most daunting challenges to the continuation of its civilization in history, such as ecological collapse, climate change, infectious pandemic, weapons of mass destruction, misuse and loss of control of artificial intelligence.

No single person, organization or nation has a comprehensive and effective solution to these challenges. But one thing is clear: the common destiny of mankind is determined by every thought and action of every person at every moment, and it is with great obligation and necessity for people of this era to face and solve these solutions.

It is against this background that Moonshot Academy was founded. We hope that through the education provided by Moonshot Academy, we can cultivate a group of fires that can support the continuity of human civilization.

From the perspective of the whole system, there are two perspectives to address the challenges faced by human civilization - "reducing new problems" and "solving existing problems".

Reducing new problems:

Most of the problems faced by human civilization are caused by the fact that people demand from external sources, destroy our ecology and attach each other in the process of satisfying our desires and eliminating our fears.

But if each individual has a more fullfilled heart, to reduce external demands and destruction, the new problems of the world will be greatly reduced.
Therefore, we hope that all the learners who leave Moonshot Academy will be "fullfilled individuals".

Solving existing problems:

Whether it is about ecological restoration, climate change regulation, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, or regulation of AI and nuclear weapons, the challenges are extremely complex and daunting.

To meet these civilizational continious challenges, we need each individual to actively mobilize their unique gifts and to push themselves and others to solve problems with a bigger picture and a sense of cooperation.

Therefore, we want learners who leave Moonshot Academy to be "active, compassionate citizens".

How does Moonshot Academy cultivate "fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens"? This is exactly what we want to share with you through this website.

We expect that we can move forward together under the same mission.

School Mission

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Fulfilled Individuals

  • To have a keen awareness of one's behaviors, cognitions, and attitude and to embrace them without judgment.
  • To be able to take advantage of one's setbacks and experiences as the opportunities to grow and possess the self-efficacy to embrace all the unknowns.
  • To persistently and deeply construct one's reason of being and treat every moment with openness.

Active, Compassionate Citizens

  • To have a systematic sense of all being one and empathy towards all beings.
  • To deeply understand t he progress and challenges of human beings and find where to address such challenges.
  • To promote groups of various backgrounds to solve problems based on strong coordination and organization skills.