Development Guidance

Coach System

We believe that a relationship of mutual trust is the key for learners to find a sense of meaning and academic rigor in Moonshot Academy. The coaching system of Moonshot is learner-centered, where learners can establish a meaningful relationship with their personal coaches, get guidance in academic and extracurricular activities, and prepare for life after graduating from high school.

Matching and Communication Mechanism

After learners join Moonshot, they will be matched with a coach based on their personality, strengths and areas of expertise. The coaches are their subject teachers on campus. Several learners work with one coach to form a coaching group. The coaching group meets weekly to advance their growth and learning in multiple areas. When learners encounter any problems or challenges in their academic or non-academic work, they can easily turn to their coach for personal support. 

Coaches Responsibilities

  • Learners can continue to explore their interests based on an accurate perception of themselves.
  • Learners can manage their goals, time and energy;
  • Learners can gain a sense of security, trust and empathy;
  • Learners participate extensively in community activities on and off campus.

These learning objectives are achieved through series coaching classes and activities, which follows learners throughout their high school journey.

Grade Group

Finding a sense of belonging, self-identity and understanding social norms are important tasks for learners in adolescence. In a shift school, the grade group undertakes the above development goals of learners. The grade group is composed of grade leaders and personal coaches.

The role of grade groups

With the assistance of personal coaches, the grade leaders facilitate learners to participate in school-level activities and organize grade activities to enhance the unity of the grade.


The grade group also undertakes the task of information exchange. We will ensure that the relevant policies in the school can be transmitted to every learner at the grade meeting effectively. At the end of each semester, parents' meetings will also be organized, in order to communicate with parents about important matters happening in the grade.

Grade meetings

Based on the collective development needs of learners, each grade group will also carry out different types of discussions or lectures at the grade meeting:

Grade 9: school rules, study habits, campus safety knowledge, games, etc.

Grade 10: Community topic discussion, professional interest exploration, defense support, games, etc.

Grade 11: stress and emotion management, social service, games, mental health, etc.

Grade 12: stress and emotion management, college academic preparation, college life preparation, etc.

College Counseling Center

Since learners enter the school, Moonshot Academy will start the college counseling system, so as to ensure that learners can produce a 「list of matching universities」 covering professional interests, social environment, natural environment and other dimensions based on more in-depth self exploration before writing documents, and support each learner to build an application story that respects facts and highlights their own characteristics.

College Counseling Course

The College Counseling Center provides college counseling courses for all MSA learners to address common questions and challenges in their college preparation process. Learners will not only explore their interests and college aspirations in the course, but they will also understand the various factors to be taken into account in the college evaluation process. Students will be able to utilize various methodologies for their college search and take full advantage of resources inside and outside of school. In addition, the college counseling center collaborates with other departments at the school to support learners in multiple aspects, including but not limited to extracurricular activities, planning, and narrative writing guidance.

College Counseling

The College Counseling Center provides individualized guidance to all learners and their parents every semester. The frequency of these counseling sessions increases as grade levels go up in order to address the needs of different learners and families. The center guides learners to develop pathways to college based on their context through course selection, extracurricular activities suggestion, standardized testing timeline recommendation, best-fit school decision, college application material preparation, and so on. Meanwhile, college counselors ensure learners understand the importance of integrity and authenticity in all application materials.

University Outreach and Liaison

The College Counseling Center establishes working relationships with overseas universities through mutual visits, college fairs, professional organizations and conferences to enhance MSA's visibility and recognition among overseas universities. The College Counseling Center promotes conversation between MSA learners and overseas universities, encourages learners to participate in college fairs, and invites admissions officers and current college students to communicate with MSA learners. All MSA learners and families will have the opportunity to interact directly with overseas universities to build an understanding of the programs and admission policies.

Past Acceptance Results

Moonshot Academy is about to have the second year of graduates, with a total of 27 graduates. Until May 8th 2022, there are 99 offer letters from oversea universities, such as Rice University, New York University, Reed College, Imperial College, etc. (offers obtained by different learners respectively). 

Mental Health

Mental health and social-emotional competency development are important aspects of learners' learning and growth at Moonshot. Learners' mental health is closely integrated personal coaching systems, and moral education and co-building to support and promote the physical and mental health development of all learners.

The Role of Mental Health

The objective of mental health at Moonshot is dedicated to developing all community members, including learners and faculty, to accurately identify, correctly view, and positively respond to different manifestations and phenomena related to mental health. The mental health work focuses on prevention, building resilient and adaptive communities by enhancing learners' mental health awareness and social-emotional competencies early on.

Moonshot Academy adopts a 「zero tolerance」 policy for physical violence, emotional violence, social violence, cyber violence, sexual violence, harassment and all discriminatory behaviors on campus, with the mission of eliminating violence, bullying and inequality on campus and building a harmonious, safe and healthy community environment.

Access to Mental Health Center Services

Mental Health Center offers the following services to members of the community.
  • Provide training and refresher training to learners and staff each semester on campus safety and mental health awareness and response.
  • Provide regular assessment of learners' social-emotional literacy and provision of targeted courses and guidance accordingly.
  • Collaborating with external professional organizations to conduct professional activities and workshops to enhance learners' specific psychology-related skills.
  • Conducting mentor-led psychological community activities to increase mental health knowledge and develop self-awareness and regulation skills.
  • Conducting regular thematic educational activities and research.
  • Providing mental health assessment services in response to community members' needs, generating and analyzing data on social-emotional competencies prior to and during schooling.
  • Maintaining mental health records for all learners and upholding confidentiality.
  • Provide basic one-on-one mental health guidance and advice services.
  • Assist in the referral of community members in need to off-campus professional agencies.

Learners can contact the Mental Health Center at any time during school if they are experiencing discomfort due to a psychological condition.

When learners are uncomfortable due to their psychological situation while at school, the Mental Health Center actively contacts parents, personal coaches and grade leaders to intervene, discuss and develop support plans based on the concept of joint consultation and respectful support.

Confidentiality Pledge

In order for learners to receive the best support, parents of newly enrolled learners must provide the school with accurate records of psychologically related diagnoses and visits, and provide timely feedback to the Mental Health Center on any new conditions and changes. Moonshot Academy does not provide professional counseling or psychotherapy services.

The Mental Health Center maintains the confidentiality of mental health records. The Mental Health Center reserves the right to provide relevant mental health information to teachers, administrators, or relevant law enforcement agencies if personal safety is at stake.

Family-school Communication

Our goal is to build a trusting, warm, and supportive relationship between family and school. Through high-quality communication with parents, courses for parents, and community activities, to form a co-building, life-learning community by learners, parents, and educators.

The Stars Club

In the past four years, more than half of the Moonshot family have carried out very substantial co-building work in teaching activities, admissions, social impact, operation, and logistics support, and family-school relations. Parents also spontaneously established the "Stars Club", a family-school co-building organization guided by clear regulations, aiming to gather parents to jointly build a family-school community with love, openness, inclusiveness, and trust. It is believed that the new family will soon play important roles in the "Stars Club".

Parents Courses

Through in-depth participation in various major activities and parent courses, all parents, co-building and learning together with the Academy, have effectively promoted the relationship with their children and the activity of the Moonshot community. One of the most popular parent courses is the "adolescent class". In the past three years, many families in Moonshot have bravely explored new modes of parent-child communication, diligently expanded the psychological distance with their children, and created many lovely family stories of improving parent-child relations. In addition, a variety of family classes, such as "college counseling family story meeting", "philosophical journey", "family self-awareness class" and "Moonshot family history program", help parents narrow the ideological distance with their children, deeply sort out their life stories and the relationship with their children, parents and the world, so as to complete in-depth self-identity.

Parents' Meeting

During the mid-term of each semester, the school will arrange a formal meeting between parents and teachers. Parents and teachers can discuss learners' academic progress and physical and mental state. We encourage parents to invite learners to participate in communication which will discuss learning experiences and agree on action plans. At the end of the semester, the parents' meeting is mainly in the form of grade meeting. We strongly recommend that parents and learners maintain sincere interaction and communication during the semester to understand learners' learning interests and physical and mental state, which is very important for individual growth in adolescence.


If parents have any concerns or questions besides the meeting time arranged by the school, please contact the learner's personal coach. If the discussion with the personal coach cannot solve the problem, we suggest that parents seek help from the learner's grade leader.