Physical Well-Being Center

Each learner is free to choose PE classes based on his or her interests and strengths in order to achieve at least 4 learning sessions of physical activity per week. In addition to the regular exercise in class, learners must take three PE tests each semester. Grades of PE courses are based on classroom performance, assessments, and PE test scores.

Three major types of sports courses

Moonshot Academy offers three major types of sports courses: basic sports courses focusing on aerobic training and strength training; special sports courses like basketball, floorball, and ultimate frisbee; and special sports courses such as yoga, animal flow, and Zumba.

Four learning sessions of physical activity per week

We hope to enhance learners' physical fitness, muscular endurance, and flexibility and improve their athletic performance and coordination through a structured physical education program. By developing and maintaining long-term exercise habits, we help learners find a suitable lifestyle and exercise routine, as well as support learners with advanced health and exercise development, needs to further improve their specific skills and abilities.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is the most popular sport at Moonshot Academy. As one of the games in the World Games, ultimate frisbee promotes spirits of respect, understanding, and obedience. This sport integrates the advantages among basketball footwork, soccer positioning, and scoring rules from the American football and volleyball. It features running, jumping, and throwing movements. This course could arouse learners' interests in sports, improve their physical well-beings, and analytical thinking skills. It will also enable learners with different sports interests to experience team competition and cooperation in ultimate frisbee. This course will help learners achieve their physical goals: strengthening their bodies, exercising their minds, and challenging their will.


The basketball course helps learners fully understand the basic knowledge of basketball in its theory and tactics. Learners in this course will understand basketball rules and refereeing methods. Through keep excersing it, learners will improve their organization and coordination skills. Meanwhile, learners can develop the habit of physical exercise and achieve the purpose of lifelong benefits.

We train the professional basketball team to build a foundation for regular basketball competitions.

Table tennis

Similar to other racket sports, table tennis belongs to intermittent skill dominated sports. Athletes need to constantly work (round) and rest (round interval) in order to win a point or a game. Table tennis can not only develop the athletes' speed, strength, sensitivity and endurance, but also exercise the learners' psychological characters such as courage, wit, courage and tenacity, so as to promote the athletes' physical health level in an all-round way.


The volleyball course helps enhance the learners' physique, cultivate their good sports consciousness, hone their willpower, and participate in purposeful and planned training. The training is developed according to the learners' physiological and psychological characteristics so that they can actively participate in sports in a goal-driven and planned manner. Through this course, learners can also master the foundational skills of volleyball, improve their physical well-being, and learn about the game rules and its basic strategies.


The yoga class intends to provide learners with the ability to build muscle strength, flexibility, balance and coordination through the study of each yoga pose. To help maintain spine health and vitality, clear mind, help overcome fear and enhance self-confidence. This course helps learners establish their recognition and awareness of the body and improve their posture through various postures such as standing, sitting, twisting, back bending, handstand and balance. The course also develops their concentration and observation. For young girls, they also learn how to take care of themselves through postures during special periods.


Spartan sports is a kind of hard core sports obstacle training. This course can inspire teenagers who are eager to grow up to hone their body and will through the test of obstacle training. During the course, learners will learn the correct practice methods of the global Spartan warrior competition, learn to formulate targeted exercise prescriptions, develop muscles, enhance physical fitness, shape and reduce fat, and cultivate learners' excellent qualities of appreciating beauty, perseverance, courage to challenge and overcoming themselves. It will also participate in the national Spartan warrior competition and expect learners to make achievements.


The cardio course is a rhythmic exercise course with a long duration (about 15 minutes or more) and its intensity is average or above-average (75% to 80% of the maximum heart rate). Cardio exercise is a constant sport where you would have efforts to spare if you keep doing it for over 5 minutes.

This course can allow the learner to alleviate the pressure from their academic life and to better conduct their academic performances by enhancing their physical well-being. HIIT is a very important training session in competitive sports. Leaners are expected to enhance their competitive sports performance through flexible training.

Strength Training

The strength training course, based on human anatomy, exercise physiology, sports medicine and other principles, uses bodyweight, dumbbells, barbells and other light equipment or specially made fitness equipment. In order to strengthen leaners' physique, increase their physical strengths, develop their muscles, promote health and cultivate their moral character, this course mainly teaches the basic theory of strength-building basic sports knowledge and the correct training methods. In this course, learners learn about how to make a training plan accordingly, develop their muscles, strengthen their physical well-being, reduce their fat, and cultivate their appreciation of beauty and perseverance and their qualities in facing challenges and overcoming them so as to further develop the concept of “life-long physical education, life-long health”.


The floorball course helps learners master the knowledge, techniques, tactics, and practice methods of floorball training. The course also helps enhance the ability and interest of the learners in participating in the floorball training, strengthen the organization and discipline of the learners, and develop their personalities. The course helps learners enhance reaction, sensitivity, and coordination, improve their heart and lung functions, promote their overall development of body and mind, improve their health and their physique. The course also helps learners cultivate an optimistic and open mind, learn active participation, and enjoy the spirit of unity and cooperation.