Self-awareness is a featured course and an important and ongoing competency for a learner to develop.

In their first academic year at Moonshot, learners will begin their journeys of self-exploration with a self-awareness class. Through an in-depth examination of their past experiences, learners will develop an initial understanding and recognition of their personal emotional patterns, strengths, personalities and values. They will develop a Self-awareness Report at the end of the semester. This report documents their growth as well as their future plans for exploration.

Beginning in the 2021 fall, the self-awareness course is integrated into a four-year Moonshot Academy Development Course. After completing the initial exploration in the first year, we prepared thematic courses on 「Future Career Exploration」, 「Professional Exploration」 and 「University Exploration」 in the learners' second and third academic years, encouraging them to apply their strengths, character and values in different scenarios and to continuously improving their self-awareness.