Sustainable Development Project

The Sustainable Development Projects (SDP) Center provides learning experiences for learners to practice knowledge and skills, solving real-world problems focusing on sustainability. Sustainable Development Projects increase the sustainability of MSA school operations and teaches learners to solve real-world problems through project-based learning scenarios while addressing sustainability issues.


"Observation" and "action" are the values of SDP. In order to better "observe" problems, the SDP course has launched the "observer program". Every Wednesday afternoon, learners will go out of the campus, go to the real world, connect with strangers, experience an unimaginable life, and pay attention to and think about relevant social issues. The project practice stage is "action". Learners will use 5-7 days to explore the solution of the problem together with partners interested in the same problem during the project week and implement the solution in reality under the guidance of the coach. Each project will have 1-2 coaches as the guides and supporters of the learner group to promote the whole project and guide learners to "reflect and grow" in the process of the project.

Project Coach

In Moonshot Academy, learners are matched with project coaches in their Moonshot Project to help them better prepare, promote, and implement their projects. They also aim to stimulate learners' urgency and responsibility for the shared destiny of mankind in the process of project theme selection and project implementation, and promote learners' deep learning and active practice of sustainable development.

Their identity is different from that of a general discipline instructor, as each project coach is a sustainability practitioner in his or her own right. They focus on certain sustainability topics in specific areas, and combine their teaching experience and display motivation for projects, and design projects suitable for learners' participation by combining the relevant principles of project-based learning curriculum design. During the project implementation process, they will also support learners to work together in teams and learn independently, and take charge of the final assessment of the final project learning outcomes.

The main responsibilities of the project coach for Moonshot Project

Design and lead learners to implement sustainable development courses;
Support the enhancement of learners' "cooperation" and "self-directed learning" skills;
Organize and host the opening ceremony, closing ceremony, public presentation and other key project milestones of sustainable development project;
Lead a sustainable-development culture in the academy.

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge of sustainable development
Cooperation skills
Self-directed learning skills
Project management skills
Communication skills
Problem-solving skills

Past Projects of SDP

  • Disposable plastic crisis: how to use business methods to solve it
  • Youth Carbon Neutral Summit Program
  • Climate Action
  • A World without Garbage
  • Sustainable Ecological Community
  • IDP Interactive Art Project: When Art Meets Technology
  • Artificial Assistant: Tan Xiaoyue's birth
  • Technology Makes Life Better
  • Design for A Better Life Project
  • My Utopia
  • Theatre: cli fi
  • Drama: The Game of Power
  • Health and Global Epidemic Action
  • Green Construction Project
  • Canteen Renovation Project
  • Educational Innovation Action
  • Food Changes Life
  • Edible Landscape Project
  • The Art of Nonviolent Communication